Essential Music Theory Reference

Aural Wiz provides you all the essential music theory reference and resources for ear training. Whether you are a music student preparing for aural tests as part of your formal musical training or a musician just working towards improving your aural skills, Aural Wiz would be an indispensable companion for you.

You can learn about intervals, scales, modes, chords and cadences along with their formula, images representing the note positions on piano and audio files demonstrating how they sound.

Get started with some of these common scales, modes and chords.

Common scales in the key of C

C major
C natural minor
C harmonic minor
C melodic minor

Main modes in the key of C

C ionian
C dorian
C phrygian
C lydian
C mixolydian
C aeolian
C locrian

Common chords in the key of C

C major
C minor
C diminished
C augmented
C dominant seventh
C minor seventh
C major seventh